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Houston Levee Balcony/Deck
Totally tore down this huge balcony/deck due to it leaking and causing structural damage thru the brick pavers and commercial grade sheeto system that was used originally. We were able to keep the existing handrail system, which was sandblasted on site, and repainted. We built a new balcony/deck and used a sheet metal pan system to prevent future leaking. We cut out the mortar between the brick and removed the stucco so as to bend the sheet metal to make a lip and placed it in between the brick mortar joints and into the stucco against the home. Then the sheet metal joints are joined by soldering lead. Then we painted the metal the same color as the deck material and glued down treated 2×4’s over the metal pan system. We installed Trex Transcend deck boards in the color of Fire Pit. We installed a new tongue and groove V-board ceilings, crown molding, LED recessed lights, exterior fans, and trimmed out the deck. We also installed new seamless aluminum gutters and downspouts to the perimeter of the balcony/deck.